The main product of the business was building winery equipment, such as gondolas, stainless steel tanks,  crushers, and hoppers. Other jobs included steel framing for major hospitals and churches. At the request of a customer he designed, manufactured and installed a 120 foot bell tower.   During the late 1970’s John Kalua designed and patented what is now known in the Champagne industry as the Riddling Machine (VLM) for Domaine Chandon. Mr. Knipschild and John Kalua then formed a partnership together called K&K Metal Construction in St. Helena, California.  The business existed there until 1975 when John Kalua became the sole owner.  He then relocated the company to Napa California.

John Kalua purchased a metal fabrication shop in Lakeport California where the company, K&K construction, continued its manufacturing and development for 12 years. Developing products such as mold injected plastic strong-backs for LED Billboards, and fiberglass pontoons for houseboats.  He also worked for UC Davis of California to design a Highway Litter Bag Retriever Truck that picked up the orange trash bags along the road.  His invention was years before it’s time.

Company Developments

  1. Retorts, a mercury recovery oven for chemical plants for Bechtel Steel.

  2. Manufactured large, fiberglass compound, curved projection screen and fiberglass pontoons for houseboats.

  3. Mold injected, plastic strong-backs for LED Billboards.

  4. Champagne Industries Riddling Machine, (VLM) for Domaine Chandon.

In early 2000 John Kalua relocated to Angwin California, in the foothills above the Napa Valley.

NuTrend Enterprises has over 50 years of experience with projects around the globe including the United States, Australia, Philippines and China. The Manufacturing and development of specialized equipment for innovative projects is still the focus today. In 2011 NuTrend Enterprises emerged, with new technology, still as the leader in it’s trade.


  1. “Safety Lock” Hook, tested by Bechtel Steel engineers in San Francisco

  2. “Highway Litter Bag Retriever” for U.C. Davis

  3. A patent pending on “Plastic Cages”

  4. A patent pending on “Oval-Square Tanks”

  5. A patent pending on “5 Star Seismic Safe Guard System” securing Wine Barrels to Rack.

  6. A patent pending on  “Bio Fuel Technology Process System”

  7. A patent pending on  “Smart Green Case” a reusable, collapsible box for shipping

  8. A patent pending on “Smart Cool Box” a re-usable cooler box for shipping goods

Company Mission

NuTrend Enterprises is an engineering, consulting, and manufacturing company that continues to support the wine and sparkling wine industries for the past forty years. The products we have designed and manufactured have revolutionized the wine industry and several other marketplaces. Nearly three decades ago NuTrend invented, designed, and manufactured the (VLM) Riddling machine for the sparkling wine industry.
Today we fabricate stainless steel tanks, and custom winery innovations,mixers,riddlers, and earthquake safety systems from local needs to worldwide.
We take pride in bringing the best solutions together to meet your companies innovation needs.

Company History

NuTrend Enterprises owner John Kalua was 19 years old when he went to work for Knipschild Dehydration Company in 1958. While working there he learned different trades which included the design of automation equipment. It didn't take long before he was running the company for its owner, Mr. Knipschild, supervising up to 65 employees during his 12 year tenure.